Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to the first ever Schmibble-Tastic GIFT-A-WAY!!!

Please READ and FOLLOW all directions below.  Everything will be verified prior to winners being notified.

When I started my little Schmibble journey on facebook I really had no idea how fast it would grow and how many more wonderful friends I would make!  I am awed, humbled, and inspired by all the wonderful people I have met!  This gift-a-way is my thank you to all of everyone whom has purchased, is on the wait list currently, those whom are dreaming of being on the wait list, those who are there to support and cheer me on, and all our new Schmibble friends!  Each of you is important to me!!!

I have tried to put my own "Schmibbly" twist on the traditional facebook giveaway.  Since this is my first one, I wanted to really promote MY favorite shops and those whom I have purchased from or received items from.  My little way of saying, 'thank you' to them all!!!  These are all vendors whom have responded to my personal invitation....there are many more who were not able to participate at this time and we're hoping to see them in future gift-a-ways.  I LOVE to find and shop quality handmade crafty items!!!  I hope you will seek out each shop and find your favorite items amongst them also!

This Schmibble-tastic GIFT-A-WAY will run from Monday, October 1st through Monday, October 8th 2012.  Winners will be chosen and announced within 48 hours after closing.  Winners will then have 72 hours to contact the vendor to claim prizes.  It is the winner's responsibility to contact the vendor. If a winner fails to contact the vendor within the allotted time frame, a new winner will be chosen.  
*Schmibble Says: Although some items are free, there may be a nominal shipping charge....please note this while entering for items!

1.  Must be a FRIEND (aka fan) of Schmibble & Co. on facebook.

2.  Must LIKE each vendor's page for the item entering to win.
     *Schmibble Says:  It is considered GOOD facebook etiquette to remain a fan of each page after contests are closed.  These are all honest, hard-working, generous people that frequently donate items to giveaways.  I would feel badly should any Schmibble be banned from further contests for not following through.   

3.  Must LIKE the photo in the GIFT-A-WAY album on the Schmibble & Co. page AND leave a comment.
    *Schmibble Says:  I miss the fun interaction of the way giveaways used to be and enjoyed reading everyone's we've added bonus entry chances for comments!  Go slow and we will be watching to unmark comments labeled as spam.
    *Schmibble Anti-Spam Tip: Do not post the same comment multiple times (that is a key thing FB Spambots look for). So be creative :)

4.  Following in the Schmibbly spirit....although it is not necessary....sharing the GIFT-A-WAY & individual items is greatly appreciated by everyone involved with it!

5.  The "Vendor's Only" item is for the vendors to enter only please!  

6.  Have Fun!!!  To ensure that all rules have been read and agreed to:  please leave a new Schmibble word under the album cover for the gift-a-way!  **For example:  Schmibble-tastic
     *Schmibble Says:  We're doing this for some fun interaction.  Any other comments will be considered  void.  And yes, the teacher in me put this last to ensure everything was read...LOL

***For Clarification: There are up to 2 entries available per item.

 First Entry option: You must like the vendor & that item.  The Rafflecopter entry option will look
  like this: "Easy entry for all Bonita Patterns fans on Facebook"  or if the vendor has multiple
 items, it will look like this: "Easy entry for all Creations by Valorie-6 Pattern Pack fans on 

 2nd Entry Option: You can comment on each item's image in the album. The Rafflecopter entry
 option will look like this " Comment on Bonita Patterns-Bundle of 10 Patterns". 
 I hope this clears up any confusion.


Disclaimer:  This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, nor administered by Facebook.  Facebook is not responsible for any content nor liability.
**In compliance with the new FaceBook rules in running contests/giveaways, all entries will be run through rafflecopter.

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  1. This is such an amazing gift-a-way, and so much work! Thank you so much. And also thank you for making sure that your rafflecopter entries are in the same order as your album on fb, it made entering so much quicker and easier!

  2. What an amazing thing you are doing!! Your products are truly beautiful & I hope to one day be on the waiting list - I just fall in love with all your stuff - one day I will decide what I should have on my must have today list :) Thanks again!

  3. Wow all the different sites you have in your Schmibble & Co. I love it. Found some I haven't heard of before and some I've been with. Thanks for all your work on this. Its my first time doing this. I've been with you and love your creation's.

  4. where will the winners be posted? Thank you for an amazing gift away!