Saturday, August 11, 2012

Everyone who knows me, KNOWS I love my Nook Color!!!  I got it before they came out with the new tablet type ones but I was able to make it into a android tablet anyway....without voiding the warranty!  How?  I found this great site on facebook called Nook2Android.  I purchased a microchip card from them and all I needed to do was insert it....voila' instant tablet!!!  How COOL is that???  I use it at home for my crochet and sewing patterns to save on printing and on the road for crocheting, games, email, facebook!  My  lil' man also likes the children's books I've downloaded for him.

Today is the last day to check out Nook2Android on facebook to enter to win a Nook plus a N2A card!  Tell them I sent you over!

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