Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Congratulations to all the winners of the SCHMIBBLE-TASTIC Gift-A-Way! Thank you again 
to all of our wonderful vendor sponsors!!! Please be courteous and continue to like these 
shops that have worked so hard to offer 'gifts'.  
All winners will have 72 hours from the time of this posting to claim their 'gifts'. The 
vendors will not be contacting anyone as that is the winners responsibility. In the event that
a 'gift' is not claimed, a new winner will be drawn. If you have questions about a specific 
item, please contact that vendor. Thank you again to the Schmibbles that have been with me since the beginning, those 
whom we've picked up along the way, and to our newest Schmibble Friends - WELCOME to 
SchmibbleAcres!!! I appreciate you all!!!

And Now...the WINNERS:

Shop Name Item Winner 
Bonita Patterns Bundle of 10 Patterns Sherri Castain 
Everlaughter 3 Patterns Pack Cheryl Saxton 
Everlaughter 3 Patterns Pack SarahRhiannon Ehlert
Everlaughter 3 Patterns Pack Kristine Rollin
Creations By Valerie 6 Pattern Pack Jillian Wisniewski 
Creations By Valerie "Blushing  Petals" Handspun Yarn Roberta Okeefe
CrazySocks Crochet 2 Patterns Pack  Tiffany Franklin
Gardner Custom Woodworks $10 OFF Coupon Jennifer Ellingwood 
Ambassador Crochet 1 Pattern of choice Jennifer Landry
Ambassador Crochet 1 Pattern of choice Diane Best
Ambassador Crochet 1 Pattern of choice Jennifer Ellingwood
Calleigh's Clips 3 Digital Crochet Patterns Pack Mandy Wong
Mikah Makes (Crochet) 3 Pattern Pack Megan Olbricht-McCormick
Sharp Crochet Hooks Sharp Crochet Hook & Handbook Jackie Benjamin
Playin Hooky 3 Pattern Pack Andrea Beneda
Khy's Closet 3 Pattern Pack Mindy Lennox
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!! Tea & Jam Scarf Mandy Newgent
Craftwich Hand Carved P Hook Melanie Joy Pizzini
Snappy Tots 3 Pattern Pack Leonie Bright
Crocheted Creations by Steph  2 Patterns Pack Cinthyia Waters
Crocheted Creations by Steph  2 Patterns Pack Tamara Zimmerman Dragon 
Crocheted Creations by Steph  2 Patterns Pack Roberta Okeefe
Posh  Pooch Designs Dog Clothes Breast Cancer Awareness Patterns E-Book Linda Kaffer
Hats-and-More-By-Jackie 3 Pattern Pack Diane Guenzi Englert
Hats-and-More-By-Jackie Stitch Marker Tiffany Franklin
Margaret Beaded Socks Tricia Eggen
Hoffee and  a Nuffin Yarn Stamp Abbi Rickard Whaley
HollyCraftOriginals $10 Gift  Certificate Judy Holeva
BusyMomDesigns 5 Pattern Pack Angela Meldahl
Mamachee Crochet makes me happy 5 Pattern Pack Tracy McDermott 
Little Pink Thread Simply Sweet Tutu Pattern Candyce Rousey
Little Pink Thread Simply Sweet Tutu Pattern Holly Gearhart Johns
Little Pink Thread Custom Hat  Margaret Worman
Little Lizard $30 Gift Card Jenna Grant
Cute & Crafty Crochet Pattern of Choice Gayle Zerlin Aikens
Cute & Crafty Crochet Pattern of Choice Angela Meldahl
Cute & Crafty Crochet Pattern of Choice Candice Redekopp
Seamingly Smitten 4 Sewing Patterns of Choice Kristine Rollin
TJB Designs Removable Beaded Stitch Markers Rebecca Gordon Brockbank
Monkey Shine Designs Minis Pattern Pack Julie Chase
TriflesNTreasures Handcarved Items Mei Ling Lu
Tricity-Hokes-Creations Handspun/dyed yarn Sydney Lanier Burke
Tricity-Hokes-Creations 3 Pattern Pack Cheryl Saxton
Hagood-Handmade Custom Pumpkin Hat Laura McCrary Harvillie
Hagood-Handmade Ms Frumpy Bird Diane Guenzi Englert
Hagood-Handmade Puppy Dog Hat Kyha Buchsein
Sandys-Cape-Cod-Originals 3 Pattern Pack Sue Kelly McCullion
Fyrestorm Creations Clay Handle Crochet Hook Regina Garcia 
PinknYellowButterfly Headband/Earwarmer Sarah Rhiannon Ehlert
daybydaycrochet   Pumpkin Stitch Markers Jesse Dodson
KidzAtHeartKollages 50% off Logo Design Jennifer Hatch 
KidzAtHeartKollages 1 Free Product Kollage Debbie Alexander Procek 
KidzAtHeartKollages 1 Free personal Halloween Kollage Angela Scrofano
Kidz.At.Heart.Krochet Bloomin Head Kozie Tina Strano Lorenzo
Kidz.At.Heart.Krochet Zombie Kitty Hat Terry Spears
ilashdesigns 2 Silk & Wool Rose hair clips Abbi Rickard Whaley
lilly anns jewelry Custom Birthstone Necklace Nancy Chartrand
thecraftcobbler 2 Embroidered Onsies Jennifer Ware
thefabriccobbler 2yrds of Fabric Stephanie Walter Congdon
luckylu creations Fabric Labels Terry Spears
WhimsicalWarmth 3 Pattern Pack Molly Harkum Waddell
thefancyhooker 5 Pattern Pack Lydia Boyer
mother dear crochet 5 Pattern Pack April Puckett White
pineapples n coconuts shirt Anita Mills
spun sugar yarns $20 GC Tracy McDermott 
tie dye diva 5 pdf Pack of Sewing Patterns Valentina Baca-Montoya
kritter crafts $10 Gift  Certificate Carol Gorski 
retrend you 4 pattern pack Judy Holeva
mels crocheted creations Custom Basket Weave Hat Britt Null
Schmibble & Co. Cowl & Fingerless Gloves Set Jennifer Nantel
Schmibble & Co. Rita's Remarkable Ruffled Scrunchies A (2 pack) Cidalia Maria 
Schmibble & Co. Rita's Remarkable Ruffled Scrunchies B (2 pack) Marija Pudar
Schmibble & Co. Crafty Mug Hugger Julia Decker 
Schmibble & Co. Rita's Remarkable Ruffled Scrunchie Pattern Heidi Drew
Schmibble & Co. Rita Reversible Bag Kristi Carpenter Gross
Schmibble & Co. Crochet Hook Case Kim Henley 
Schmibble & Co. Convertible Neckwarmer Julia Decker 
Schmibble & Co. Schmibble & Co. coffee mug Amanda Lawson 
Schmibble & Co. Small Scissor Keep & Snappy Bag Leigh Trinh 
Schmibble & Co. Charming Tote Clutch Brenda Rawlings
Schmibble & Co. VENDORS ONLY-2 Zip Hipster Jennifer Ellingwood


  1. You did an amazing job! Thank you so very much for hosting. Congratulations to all winners!!

  2. I didn't win anything but wanted to say thank you for doing this and to all the vendors!

    1. Thank You!!! That's very 'Schmibbly' of you!!! :0)

  3. Congrats to the winners and thank you for all your hard work! :D